The connection between intolerances and bread.


1. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge with our readers Mr. Pastor. You have been President of the Richemont International Club for several years and before that you were President of the Richemont Spain Club for many years. How did the relationship with the Richemont School of Lucerne come about?

I first heard about Richemont School when my son completed a bakery apprenticeship in Germany. I learned then that this school in Lucerne is probably the most advanced and best equipped training centre in Europe.

I contacted Richemont School, travelled to Lucerne and met with Mr. Walter Bösch, who was then the Director of Richemont and visited the facilities to learn more about the services and educational programmes. Following that visit, an interest on both sides arose in establishing a closer relationship with the possibility of starting a Richemont School in Spain at some point. I had been in the world of food and bakery for more than 20 years; I had also worked for Belgian and German multinationals in Spain and in Germany and knew the level of available training, both outside and inside our country.

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