Panem nostrum quotidianum

Richemont Club Spain

Nuestros principios son enseñar, compartir, divulgar
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About Us

In 1993 a group of bread enthusiasts led by Diego Lopez and Mari Carmen Camacho, traveled to Switzerland, specifically to Lucerne, to learn about the operation of the school and what was necessary to create the Club Richemont Spain.

Since that date many people have passed through it, some of them are no longer with us, DEP.  To all of them our pleasant memory. 

Seville was the driving force for the creation of the Club. The philosophy of the Club is based on the good experiences and the power to know and exchange knowledge between us and our colleagues.

The Club has had as presidents, to: Diego Lopez, Antonio Parra, Juan Carlos Cifre, Joaquin Romero, Juan Felix Navarro, Jorge Pastor,and Carlos Mariel.

Among the many activities we carried out during the year, it is worth mentioning the exchanges with the Chamber of Commerce of Auvergne (France) which we visited several times and participated in the PAIN project.  Technical conferences at the ASEMPAN school in Madrid, at the CETECE in Palencia and at the school of the Guild in Barcelona. But if we have to mark a date, that is 2011, which was the first time we attended a course at the Richemont School in Lucerne, from then on we have been visiting it, where more than 150 bakers and bakers have been trained in their classrooms.  There is a before and after in the Spanish bakery after our visits to Switzerland.  We are currently more than 60 active members plus honorary members.

Our principles are to teach, to share, to divulge

Also in Spain we have 4 training centers where courses are taught with the Richemont philosophy.  CETECE in Palencia, GREMI DE FLEQUERS in Barcelona, MLOUZA in Malaga and GRUPO HARICANA in Gran Canaria.

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